Nerve system: The Only Constant is Change

The Only Constant is ChangeIf there’s one thing we can count on in our life it is that whatever is going on now, will change. We live in a sea of change. All things in our universe, our solar system and our world, including our very bodies are changing. As we observe a little baby we notice the little one taking on new behaviours daily.

The infant’s nerve system is constantly questioning its environment and changing in response to the feedback it gets. Gravity takes me down, fire means hot, dirt tastes yukky (sometimes) and No means No (or maybe try a different approach so I don’t get caught). By the time a child is 11 they have the most nerve cells they will have in their life and from then on the number of nerve cells steadily diminishes. Herein lies a clue to aging.

Flexibility of body, mind and emotions is a major key to adapting, surviving and thriving. As adults many of us try to resist change. We try to have things as we remember they always were. The fear of change and fear of the unknown is so strong in some people that they will remain in abusive relationships, unhealthy environments, dead end jobs, destructive health practices and many other self-destructive patterns, rather than face the unknown. Unlike the curious, creative child, they become content with mediocrity.

The process of aging has a lot to do with a progressive loss of flexibility in one’s life. As a person takes on less challenge their nerve system becomes more rigid and gets stuck in habitual patterns. Their ability to deal with change lessens and so the cycle of a numbed state continues into the grave with the epitaph reading, “Here lies John Smith, died at 25, buried at 65.”

A successful, happy and productive life involves being willing to accept and embrace change. Being willing to educate your nerve system to perform a large variety of behaviors, to create as much pliability and adaptability as possible.

Interference to the nerve system’s ability to comprehend its environment is a major cause of disease and dysfunction. Chiropractic serves humanity by addressing interferences to the nerve system letting people thrive on the only constant in life – change.