Life: What Causes Subluxation?

What Causes SubluxationThe primary objective of chiropractors is to locate and correct interference to the full expression of life. The basic premise of chiropractic is that life flows from above – down – inside – out. Life knows what to do and it doesn’t need any help to do its job really well. It is when interference is introduced to this flow of energy that things start to go wrong.

There is a mounting body of scientific evidence that supports the simple concept that chiropractic has espoused for the past 106 years. Structural distortion affects function creating dysfunction leading to dis-ease and an early death.

Roger Sperry – the 1980 Nobel laureate for brain research – put it this way, “The more mechanically distorted a person is, the less energy is available for thinking, metabolism and healing.” Even though Sperry is not a chiropractor he has grasped the idea that the innate “energy of life”, which is often compared to electricity in the body, allows us all to be what we are capable of and that distortions or interferences will make us less than we could be.

So what is it that causes these distortions and interferences that chiropractors call subluxations?

There are three types of stress that we encounter in our lives – Chemical, Physical and Emotional. When we encounter one or a combination of these stressors our body has to adapt to neutralize them. This inherent resistance within us will adapt to the ever-changing circumstances of the environment around us as well and as long as it can.

Whenever our body meets one of these forces, be it the chemical effect of a bowl full of ice-cream, the physical effect of lifting the groceries out of the car or the emotional effect of being cut off in traffic, our nerve system rapidly makes computations to determine whether our internal energy can neutralize the insult. If it can, we absorb the force and life continues at the same level. If the stress exceeds our body’s ability to defend, the stress will win and our body will find itself with a subluxation, much like a fuse will blow in an electrical circuit if it gets overloaded. The subluxation now creates interference to the body’s central nerve system.

Subluxations cause a complex of disturbances to the architecture and function primarily of our spine that results in nerve system dysfunction. This dysfunction does not allow the person’s body to be fully aware of itself. When the internal communication doesn’t work well it begins a systematic process called pathology that results in reduced function and subsequent loss of health.

So what causes subluxations? Well, we do – by our lifestyle. It makes sense to firstly prevent and secondly correct as soon as possible life-distorting subluxations.