Healing: Every Process Requires Time

Every Process Requires TimeIf you have ever been drawn into watching one of the magical medical programs on TV you could be forgiven for thinking that healing and health is an instantaneous event. There is a drug or surgery for every occasion and the knights in white coats gallantly respond to every need. Immediate life changes appear before the program has aired its last commercial.
The dramatizations that play out nightly on the flickering screen in our lounge room could be accused of altering people’s expectations of their health care experiences and influencing the way they utilize the health care system.

The reality is that no doctor ever cured or healed anyone. The only healing that occurs in people is when one cell is replaced by another cell. Yes, healing is a process of re-growing.

So often people will come to the chiropractor with their ‘magical medical TV program’ hat on and expect instant relief or, worse still, total correction back to full function within a couple of weeks.

Going to a chiropractor for wellness care is like going to a farmer, giving him/her some seed and saying, “I want some fruit from this seed”. The farmer would map out a program of ‘seed generation’ which would include learning about the seed and it’s growing habits, choosing the best season for it’s development, preparing the soil, planting the seeds and tending the plants through to harvest.

It is said that every 12 weeks we have a complete set of new cells in our body due to the fact that as cells die, new cells replace them. The strength and health of the new cells is dependant on the level of life force flowing through our body. If the life force is the same these 12 weeks as it was during the previous 12 weeks the new cells will be at the same level of health/disease. However, if the life force is greater in the body the new generation of cells will be more vibrant and healthy.

A well functioning nerve system allows our life force to be expressed throughout our body. The price we pay to support this process is TIME. Are you willing to give yourself time?