Chiropractor Gold Coast: A Web Offer From Hinterland Chiropractic

Hinterland Chiropractic is more than just your usual chiropractic health care.

We go beyond just providing chiropractic for everyone. We see to it that you and your family have access to quality health care from your trusted Chiropractor Gold Coast at Hinterland Chiropractic. Chiropractor Gold Coast: A Web Offer From Hinterland Chiropractic

In order to ensure that you get the treatments that you need, examinations and analysis must be made. From the findings of these preliminary tests, an accurate diagnosis can be obtained as well as a sufficient treatment plan to address your health concerns. These comprehensive assessments include:

  • Full Spinal and Postural Examination
  • Bilateral Weight Analysis
  • Computerised Spinal Scan

What are these tests made by your Chiropractor Gold Coast?

The first of the three tests is a physical exam that focuses on your posture and spine. It aims to locate spinal issues that you may have and includes an analysis of your overall posture. Issues like back pain, headaches, and other common ailments come from stresses on the spine which are caused by poor posture. A Full Spinal and Postural Examination can find any posture-related problems. From this, your Chiropractor Gold Coast can form the basis of diagnosis for the source of your pain. Similarly, this helps in establishing an effective course of treatment.

The second test focuses on assessing your weight and its implications on your overall wellness. Weight has an undeniable effect on your spine and posture. A Bilateral Weight Analysis helps your Chiropractor Gold Coast in processing and refining the findings from the first test. Also, this helps in making the your treatment plan much more effective.

Finally, the third test is a comprehensive scan of your backbone. This third test consists of several smaller scans, designed to fully analyse the current condition of your spine. The results of this test confirm any of the initial findings from the first and second tests, as well as refining these results.

All of these tests are necessary to ensure that the findings and recommendations made by your Chiropractor Gold Coast are as accurate and effective as possible. After they have been conducted, your Chiropractor Gold Coast can then make a final diagnosis and devise a plan on how to address your health issues and risks. With the help of these tests, are guaranteed to provide immediate and optimal results in improving your total wellness.

Why avail of these Chiropractor Gold Coast tests today?

These tests must be conducted before any form of treatment can begin. Since there are three of them all in all they can be costly; to be exact, normally they are valued at $240, and that doesn’t yet include a full report of the findings from the tests and a detailed course of treatment. As such, some might find having getting the advice and treatment of a chiropractor to be inaccessible.

We at Hinterland Chiropractic believe that everyone should have access to a chiropractor and to chiropractic treatments. In line with that, we currently have a Chiropractor Gold Coast special offer: we are providing all the three tests above, plus one of our chiropractor’s full report of the findings and detailed course of treatment, for just $25. That’s $215 worth of savings, and you will still be getting the highest quality on tests and services.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to make an appointment to see a Chiropractor Gold Coast, avail of this special offer, and enjoy quality health care for you and your entire family!