Chiropractic: Positively Healthy

Positively HealthyChiropractic recognises two types of interferences to peoples nerve systems. One is the QUANTITATIVE or the amount of nerve energy getting through to the body. The other is the QUALITATIVE or the quality of the nerve messages getting through to the body.

The quality of nerve energy has a profound effect on your health. People who are moody, nervous and susceptible to stress tend to subluxate more frequently, have a weaker immune system and succumb to degenerative diseases more easily than their calm, happy and supported friends.

The following study graphically demonstrates the importance of keeping the quality of our nerve impulses happy and pure.
In a study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology November 15, 2000; 36: 1781-1788 researchers discovered that anger causes atherosclerosis to speed up. Atherosclerosis, the build-up of plaques in the arteries that can lead to a heart attack, progresses more quickly in people who express a lot of anger and in those who have a weak social support system, the new research suggests.

Researchers followed 150 people with diseased arteries. At the start of the study and 2 years later, the participants underwent angiography to measure the extent of atherosclerosis. They also filled out questionnaires that measured their levels of social support, anger and hostility.

People who had reported high levels of expressed anger and low levels of social support were significantly more likely to have their atherosclerosis worsen during the study period.

Our nerve system communicates every thought we have to every cell of our body. The cells of our body are only able to perform to the level of energy they receive through the nerve system. Any interference to nerve impulses be it in quantity or quality will result in the cells being and doing less than they are capable of.

Make sure that your family gets the opportunity to be positively healthy…. your chiropractor is the specialist in removing quantity interferences – you are the specialist in removing the quality interferences.