Chiropractor Gold Coast: Your First Chiropractic Visit

Chiropractor Gold Coast: Your First Chiropractic VisitThe best chiropractors are those who relieve their patients’ symptoms by using only the most effective treatments necessary.

Chiropractic is a medical practice that involves a wide range of practice philosophies and techniques. As such, chiropractic patients should be given enough information about relevant topics such as chiropractic examination, diagnosis, and even the actual treatment program.

This is especially true for people who are to have their first chiropractic visit yet.

Read on as Dr Peter Hobson tells you what to expect on your first trip to a chiropractor.

Patient History and Symptoms

In preparation for your initial chiropractic consultation, your chiropractor will ask you to fill out forms that provide medical information relevant to your first chiropractic treatment. Among the most popular questions include:

• When did the pain start?
• What were you doing when the pain started?
• Where are you feeling the painful sensation?
• How do you describe the pain? Is it a dull, searing, throbbing kind of pain?
• Does the pain come and go? Or is it a sustained/continuous kind of pain?
• Are you currently seeking or have previously sought any related medical treatment?
• Is it possible that the pain is a result of an existing injury?
• When does the pain get worse? And if does get worse, what do you think makes it worse?

Apart from these questions and a number of other questions, first time chiropractic patients are usually asked medically related information such as family history and pre-existing medical conditions.

Diagnostic Studies

Based on your patient history, your chiropractor may or may not have you undergo a series of diagnostic studies. Diagnostic studies are often required by a chiropractor if there is a special need to examine for pathologies and specific structural abnormalities.

Among the most popular diagnostic studies required by chiropractors include x-ray exam, Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan, and other laboratory tests.

Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

Having gathered enough information from your patient history, and diagnostic studies, your chiropractor will now establish a specific diagnosis. Based on this diagnosis, your chiropractor will design a course of chiropractic treatment. Moreover, at the end of your first chiropractic visit, your chiropractor will explain to you the following:

• The diagnosis for your condition
• The necessary course of chiropractic treatment
• The estimated length of chiropractic treatment

It is not uncommon for chiropractors to start the treatment during your first visit. Still, there are chiropractors who prefer to wait until your next scheduled appointment. Among the most popular and relevant chiropractic treatment include the following:

• Key joint adjustments
• Chiropractic modalities that improve soft tissue healing and pain management
• Stretching and conditioning programs that improve muscle balance, strength, and coordination
• Postural improvement programs
• Other related treatments such as massage therapy, ergonomics education, and nutrition counselling

Chiropractor Gold Coast: Hinterland Chiropractic

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