What Helps Lower Back Pain? Natural Treatment & Relief

What Helps Lower Back Pain? Natural Treatment & Relief

For those who have suffered from lower back pain, knows the extent of it and how it affects regular activities. It’s such a kind of pain that not only hampers activity but often makes people unable to do anything at all. This can be particularly problematic for people who work as their workflow can be disrupted. So, here’s a few tips to overcome lower back pain –

1) Practice Good Posture

Prolonged work time in desks is already a problem in itself because it causes fatigues and muscle spasm at times. Moving and stretching every once in a while is always advised by doctors. The way we sit in chairs, the angle of our spine with the chairs back, how we sometimes work by sneering forward with our necks extended and the relative height of our body, head and the table are the factors which cause lower back pain. It may also happen accidentally during workout in the gym or a sudden eruption of a long time latent strain. Just by minding a little bit and keeping our spine straight during regular activities like brushing teeth and working on a desk can greatly reduce the possibility of lower back pain.

2) Get enough sleep

Pain leads to problems in sleep and this in turn leads to more pain. It’s a vicious cycle. The best way to break this cycle is to get sufficient and quality sleep. Pain is caused by the accumulation of acids in the joints and where the spinal discs are connected and there are a lot of nerves there. When our body rests, the acids slowly dissipate, causing relief from the pain. However, too much sleep can worsen the situation, though oversleeping is rare now. Sleep should be well regulated and the same routine should be followed every night.

3) Keep exercising

Many people think that by exercising, it is necessary to spend long hours in the gym, but this is not always the case. Little to moderate time spent in the gym, from as little as 10 to 30 minutes of cardio exercises goes a long way to heal lower back pain. This is to indicate exercising before the pain happens. Not all exercises can be performed with a painful back. Engaging the core muscles and building strength and making them move every day will make them efficiently not fall victim to lower back pain.

4) Consulting a therapist

When things go too much out of hand, seeing a therapist is perhaps the best idea. They are professionals and know exactly how a body should be moved and positioned to reduce pain. They will teach about proper spine alignment to cause reduce strain and specialised exercises to strengthen the muscles and build resilience. The stronger the core, the better it is at preventing back pain. A trained therapist through both chiropractic and physical therapy can get rid of lower back pain and show ways to tackle the pain in the future.

5) Heat and cold therapy

This is mainly advised when there is a sudden muscle spasm and swelling. Both heat and cold work on the muscles and slowly release the contracted muscles and reduce pain. Most of the swelling remains in the first 48 hours after an injury and at that time cold packs should be applied to start the healing process. It reduces inflammation and acts like a local anaesthetic by slowing down nerve impulses and eases the muscles which cause spasm.

This process is followed by heat therapy. Heat stimulates the muscles and increases blood flow and this blood brings oxygen and other nutrients which heals the pain and the affected area. It also inhibits pain signals to the brain. A heating pad, how shower, hot tub, soaking in hot towel – there are many ways to do heat therapy.

A mixture of both preventive measures and after pain actions have been explained above and hopefully, a good sleep and exercise will keep this kind of pain far away. At the worst case, consult a physician and get some prescribed medication to help with the pain.