The Connection between Neck Pain and Headache

The Connection between Neck Pain and HeadacheNeck pain provides limited neck motion and makes your simple daily tasks difficult. There are approximately 70% of people who will experience neck pain during their lifetime. It is not surprising that with the advent of technology, many individuals tend to suffer from different kinds of pain and ailments. Working long hours using computers, tablets and cellphones, injuries, accidents and jobs activities that involve forward head posture are just some of the causes of neck pain. The Use of Smart phones particularly while texting places major stress on the neck.

One more detail about neck pain is how it is linked to Headaches. Research shows that there is a key correlation between neck pain and headaches. In fact, neck pain is found to be one of the symptoms in many types of headaches which can radiate pain to the head. Muscles which radiate pain from the neck can transmit this pain throughout the parts of the head. Certain regions of the neck are associated with specific pain patterns and headaches. This indicates that something is wrong and should be assessed.

Headaches Linked to Neck Pain

There are twelve different types of headaches (migraine, tension, cluster, sinusitis, giant cell, hypertension, meningeal, tumor, concussion, hypoglycemic, subdural hematoma, and trigeminal neuralgia) but five of these are known to be associated with neck pain.

Migraine: According to a study, neck pain is considered as a “common and integral” symptom of migraine. It has also been discovered that neck pain is more common during the episode of migraine than nausea.

Tension headaches: This is not directly linked to neck pain; however, since the causation is caused by home stress or high work, tension headaches may usually involve positional neck pain as well as muscular overuse neck pain.

Hypertension headaches: A case report involving a patient who has malignant hypertension showed that neck pain is a presenting symptom in her condition. The study indicated that the mechanism of the neck pain could be incipient tonsillar herniation resulting from raised intracranial pressure.

Concussion: Neck pain commonly arises in a concussion due to the nature of forward and backwards flexion-extension.

Subdural hematoma: This headache caused by trauma can also be connected to neck pain and calls for immediate medical attention. Patients who have experienced spinal hematoma with head injuries were also reported complaining of neck pain based on a medical report.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Neck Pain

A new study revealed that chiropractors are better than medications for treating neck pain. Spinal manipulation therapy, a technique used by chiropractors, along with recommended home exercises is more effective compared with painkillers when it comes to acute and sub-acute neck pain. Chiropractors have undergone comprehensive training in musculoskeletal and Neurological management; thus, pieces of evidence have shown about the safeness and effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments over allopathic medical treatments, particularly for the treatment of neck and back pain. Also, chiropractic adjustments are found to affect the body on a much deeper level.

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