How to Carry A Backpack Without Hurting Your Back

Here’s a 3 minutes and 05 seconds video How to Carry A Backpack Without Hurting Your Back.

Many studies suggest that a heavy backpack poses some health risks including the following:

  • Increased likelihood of falls
  • Chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Poor posture

Here are some tips on how to avoid back pain for kids and adults who wear backpacks.

Lift and wear backpacks properly

Face the bag, bend at the knees, use both hands to check its weight, and lift with the legs.

Always wear the pack on both shoulders with heavier items at the bottom of the bag closest to the spine.

Choose the appropriate backpack

Size: the bag should be no larger than about 75% of the child’s back

Straps: wide, padded, adjustable shoulder

Other features: hand grab and multiple compartments

Check backpack weight.

If you’re forced to lean forward to carry the bag, it’s probably overloaded.

Don’t carry the kitchen sink, just the stuff you need.

Follow this simple backpack guide to help with proper posture and avoid back, shoulder and neck pain.

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