Gold Coast Chiropractic: Home Relief For Back Pain

Perhaps you have swung the tennis racket a little too eagerly. Or maybe you have spent the day hunched over your shoulders, trying to beat a dozen deadlines. Whatever the narrative is, the story remains the same: BACK PAIN HURTS, A LOT.Gold Coast Chiropractic Home Relief For Back Pain

Back pain is an all too common complain among many people. Almost everyone suffers from it, at one point or another. Unless your back pain is symptomatic of a serious health condition like a fractured disk, your physician will most likely prescribe you over the counter pain medications. This does not mean, however, that there is nothing you can do to help shake out the soreness.

Read on as Gold Coast Chiropractic shares with you a few home relief tricks to help your relieve back pain.

Get Up

Traditional wisdom says that spending several days in bed best cures your sore back. As it turns out, traditional wisdom is a little wrong. Medical professionals of today encourage people with sore backs to get up and start moving as soon as possible.

A growing body of research shows that reports that lying on your back for extended periods of time impedes optimal recovery speed and worsens the existing soreness. If you must rest your sore back, then do it lying flat on your back. It is also best if you have two pillows resting underneath your knees.

Buy A New Mattress

An old and already sagging mattress plays an active role in the development of back problems. If you are running a little short on cash, however, you can try installing a three quarter inch-thick plywood between the mattress and the box spring.


Back pain can sometimes be symptomatic of serious medical condition like an injury. All too often, however, much of the soreness is caused by tight emotional tension. This is where relaxation techniques come in. Try practicing simple breathing and relaxation techniques such as closing your eyes and taking slow deep breaths.

Gold Coast Chiropractic

Most people who are seeking back pain relief visit their local chiropractor. Chiropractic is an alternative course of treatment that is fundamentally built on the proper alignment of the spine. Not only is chiropractic an ideal treatment for the occasional back pain, it also makes for improve physical functions.

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